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We are currently working towards raising $110,000 to enable the purchase, storage, maintenance and transport of this beautiful instrument.

Each key costs $1250 to sponsor but we are also interested in smaller pledges which we will put towards different keys.

We have currently received pledges for 80/88 keys. Supporters will have to the chance to choose their favorite key as we near the completion of this campaign.

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As part of our original conception and mission, it has always been our intention to build a “world-class” concert series. A series that features performances at the highest level and attracts many different touring international artists. Our theory is simple; the higher the quality of the performances, the greater the positive impact the music can have and the more enticing our program will become for first-time listeners, especially children.

A crucial next step in turning this vision into reality, is to purchase a concert-standard piano, specifically, a Steinway Model D built by the factory in Hamburg, Germany. This would be an invaluable asset which would immediately, and significantly, improve the quality of our program. It would also give us the crucial flexibility needed to present events in different places around the Monadnock Region, at venues that are currently not suitable due to the lack of a concert instrument.

The importance of this piano compared to smaller or less meticulously maintained pianos is best explained using these analogies:

  • If you wear glasses, it is the feeling of putting on a new pair with an updated prescription - the world is suddenly so much clearer and vibrant. Even more striking is the realization that you had no idea how blurred your vision had become.
  • Imagine comparing the picture quality of the latest High Definition TV with an old boxy model from 20 years ago.
  • Think of the difference between the quality of a professional landscape photograph of a stunning view compared to the snapshot which we are all able to capture on a cameraphone.
  • Compare the sound quality of listening to music through the speaker of your phone compared to a high end sound system or headphones.

Concert musicians at the highest level are able to create almost limitless expression in sound using their instruments. While string players take their high- quality, concert- standard instruments wherever they play, any visiting pianist performing in our series has to use the instrument we provide.

By purchasing a high-quality, concert instrument, we will instantly and significantly improve the experience for our audience. The difference is so powerful, that it could easily turn a new audience member of any age into a life-long classical music lover.

Purchasing this piano will also allow us to pursue new partnerships with venues and community spaces such as Stonewall Farm. By presenting concerts in different venues around the region, we will be able to open up our program to people we currently do not reach.

We are currently working towards raising $110,000 to enable the purchase, storage, maintenance and transport of this beautiful instrument. We also plan to make this instrument available to hire for other concert presenters and venues in the area.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be looking for supporters to sponsor each of the 88 keys. Each key will cost $1250 to sponsor. If you would like more information or would like to pledge your support please fill in the form below and we will contact you directly. Thank you so much for your support.