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Of all the music bought, downloaded and streamed in 2018 in the USA, Classical Music made up only 1% of the total market. This means that there are huge numbers of people who have yet to discover just how amazing classical music is and we obviously have a lot of work to do to get the word out.

To that end we are setting out to try and entice the curious into our wonderful world of music with a series of illustrated talks. Each talk will last an hour, beginning and ending with a brief live performance, and will explore the language of music, how it affects us and why it is so important.

February 21 & 28 5:30pm

Franck Violin Sonata

March 6 & 13 5:30pm

Saint-Saƫns Violin Sonata No.1

UCC Chapel, 23 Central Square Keene

Tickets $10 at the door