New Year, New Hope!

New Year, New Hope!

There have been countless times this past year that I have felt like I’m riding an emotional roller coaster ride. Life has felt chaotic, then amazing, then heartbreaking, then breathtakingly beautiful and everything in between! There has been joy through feeling grateful for this beautiful life, for the gift of music and then there has been guilt that there are so many who are suffering and I feel powerless to help them.

As always, at the start of the new year, I am filled with hope for the future and I remember that where doors closed for us all in 2020 we still managed to find light through open windows. In celebrating the New Year I made a resolution NOT to make resolutions. To not set myself up to fail with a list of ridiculous expectations! Yoga everyday, no snacking between meals, no sugar, read more books, start running again, cook new recipes etc. Why do we do it ourselves?!

It is important for me to set realistic goals each and every day in order to take steps that move me forward. My life is divided up into categories, home/children and work/violin. Each day I have responsibilities that involve these categories and if I can take baby steps forward in each of these areas then I know that tomorrow will be brighter as a result. 

Nick and I often have the conversation that goes along the lines of ‘we can always do better, be better, think better, achieve more, work smarter.’ Sometimes it’s a difficult topic (especially when tired or spread thin!) I have to let certain things go and focus more on tasks I’m not comfortable with. We all do it, tackle the easy and most familiar tasks first, then, when our energy tanks have run out, we realize the hardest part is yet to come and we give up! 

It’s easy to beat myself up when something doesn’t go my way and it draws a focus on the negative aspects that make me feel uncomfortable or upset. It is important to acknowledge the pain of certain circumstances but is it not more important to ask ourselves how we are going to choose to react to the struggle? 

I choose for 2021 to an incredible year! I choose a bright future for my children. I choose that music will continue to flow from my soul to yours and above all, I choose life with all it’s ebbs and flows, ups and downs and pains and gains. It’s going to be a ride and I hope you’ll agree that it’s definitely worth taking!

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