In the presence of Greatness.

Last week, I flew back to London for a four-day, whirlwind trip – I needed to give my family much needed hugs, see two of my closest friends and have some major work done on my violin. The New England Climate, and our punishing schedule is not kind to our instruments and my beautiful instrument […]


Do you ever feel like there is so much information being thrown at you, that your head might just explode? Oh dear, I sound like the start to a self help book! Every day, more information is being given to me, piling into my mind like a huge sack of wheat, more and more, heavy […]

Nothing Happens Unless You Make It Happen!

The holiday season is nearly here and for each and every one of us this means something totally different. For some, it’s filled with joy, family, gifts, good food and holiday cheer. For little ones, the anticipation of Santa’s visit is tantalizingly close and for others there’s an anticipation of a completely different kind; expectations, […]

Testing the Limits

I was delighted recently when my eldest son came home from school telling me that he had been learning about growth and fixed mindsets. Mostly, I was just ecstatic to hear anything about his day. The majority of the time I am greeted with monosyllabic one word descriptions but this time was different. He said […]

New Season’s Resolution

I was fortunate recently to return to my Motherland. For the best part of a month, I was surrounded by all things British and the sounds, smells and tastes of my previous life. Like putting on a pair of comfortable old shoes, I found myself quickly re-adopting the language, mannerisms and banter of the UK, […]

A Mother’s Superpower.

I am currently reading a fascinating book that has left me completely inspired. It is called ‘The Artist and the Woman’ and tells the tale of the life and work of Clara Schumann. Before I began reading this book, I’m ashamed to say I knew very little about her. I knew that she had composed […]

To Be or Not To Be…

We probably all share a similar memory of being on a long car journey and asking ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Now, with my own small children, it is certainly a frequent occurrence! These days I seem to hover over this question a lot. Are we nearly there yet? Are we ever going to get […]

Back in the Saddle

It’s safe to say that this last year has pushed buttons and boundaries in me that have taken my life in new directions that I didn’t necessarily want to go in. My emotions have been pushed and pulled in just about every way; from protecting my children in this ever changing world, to having to […]

Start Fresh Everyday.

Is it just me or does it seem that everywhere you look these days there are mixed messages coming from almost every direction? Do this, don’t do that, say this, don’t say that, be that person, be this person… It’s exhausting and at times horribly overwhelming! I find myself having to work very hard to […]